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Affectivity and affection, and their relation to emotion, cognition, and action concern several subfields of philosophy, e.g., epistemology, theory of action, and philosophy of mind.

Affection has often been contrasted with cognition and action of rational agents. However, this view has been challenged by several authors and philosophical traditions throughout the history of philosophy.

In particular, inquiries into the intentional structure of affect and affection in different philosophical traditions bring to light their constitutive role for thinking and rational agency.

The purpose of this summer module course is to bring together discussions concerning affectivity and its intentional structure in medieval philosophy and phenomenology.

Course Description

The summer module course will be held online via the platform Zoom.

It will include lectures, reading sessions, and group discussions. In addition, a restricted number of participants will have the opportunity to present a paper which will be followed by a comment. Abstracts will be requested at a later stage.

A computer with a stable internet connection and the technical facilities to use the video communications platform ZOOM (microphone, webcam) are required.

The language of instruction is English.

The number of participants is limited. Selection criteria will follow eligibility and academic performance.



The course is open to advanced Bachelor, Master and PhD students. Post-Docs are very welcome to apply as well.

Submissions from individuals in groups under-represented in philosophy are expressly encouraged.

Pending approval of participants’ home university, it is possible to earn 5 ECTS credits through attending the course and fulfilling the course requirements.



Applicants are required to enroll in the summer module course at the University of Würzburg. Please download the application form and submit the filled-in and signed form together with electronic copies of all other required documents - merged into one pdf-file  – to

Required documents:  

  • Application form for summer module course of studies. Please note: For formal reasons, the official module title of the course is: Forschungsfragen der Philosophe II - Download Application Form
  • Passport scan (required for university registration); if possible, front and back side on the same page
  • Copies of your secondary school certificates which entitle you to be admitted to a university
  • Short but complete CV
  • A recommendation letter by a professor or a lecturer

For applicants from EU Countries:

  • copy of your health insurance card

For applicants from outside the EU:

  • declaration of health insurance obligation of students according to § 199a SGB V for the summer semester 2021

Download Declaration of Health Insurance Obligation

Deadline for submission: March 31st, 2021